Do you enjoy being one of the first people to try new tech? If so, then you probably stay connected to social media pages and blogs centred around technology and innovation. Every year, a list of hot new products starts to circulate, giving you a pretty good indicator of what items will be flying off the shelves in a few months’ time, andat the top of the list for 2018 you’llundoubtedly find the Smart Backpack.

These days, the average Australian has at least one smart device on them at all times. If you’re a student, travel often, or are a business person, you’ll probably have more. Between smartphones, headphones, fitness devices, Bluetooth speakers, tablets, smart watches, and eBook readers – not to mention the cables, plugs, chargers, and batteries required to keep them all charged – there isn’t space to spare. Most standard handbags and briefcases are ill equipped to store such items, but Smart Backpackswere created as a solution to this problem, so that every kind of device and cord can be stored safely, neatly and easy to find, making your life easier and more convenient.

If you’ve ever tried to cram your laptop, smartphone and headphones into a backpack (along with books, containers, and more) you’ll know that most aren’t able to carry the whole gamut of your devices. This makes any bag uncomfortable to wear and leaves you constantly worrying that a bump or drop will damage your precious equipment. You’ll also know that extracting anything will probably involve having to unpack everything, and then repack it from scratch.

The Smart Backpack aims to eliminate the clutter, starting with dedicated, padded, and protective sleeves for most common laptop sizes. These areas are often waterproofed for further protection against liquids, whether from internal or external sources. Various dedicated internal zones mean that every device can be stored separately and securely, and many come with concealed cord compartments, enabling you to listen to music or even charge your phone via an internally stored power supply.

The Smart Backpack is set to take the world by storm, but why wait, when you can get ahead of the trend now? A visit to site will give you dozens of Smart Backpacks to choose from so that you can adopt the future today.

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