Being a modern student requires you to be online all the time, and having a laptop is essential for researching, taking notes, submitting work, and keeping in touch with classmates and lecturers. When you’re facing long hours on campus with only your backpack for company, be sure that it’s stocked with the following student essentials so you’re never unprepared.

  • Non-perishable snacks – sometimes hunger strikes while you’re in class or when you can’t buy food, of if you’re already stuck on campus and realise that you’ve forgotten your lunch at home. Keeping staples like dried fruit and nuts means that you’ll always have fuel on hand, and you won’t need to worry about it getting crushed. Hydration is also important, so be sure to keep a filled water bottle ready as well.
  • First aid essentials – While you don’t need to fit an entire first aid kit into your laptop backpack, there are a few essential items worth keeping that won’t take up too much space. These include plasters, pain medication, as well as medication for indigestion and nausea, or any prescribed medications you might need.
  • Spare chargers, batteries and plugs – when you’re without your smartphone, iPod or any other important device, you can might feel stranded. Having a spare on hand will allow you to keep working for longer, especially when you can’t get to a power source to recharge. Adapters will also come in handy in these situations, and you can save space by investing a multifunction chargers that can charge all of the above in one go.
  • Pen and Paper – most students rely on their laptops for notetaking purposes. However, you might find that taking down notes via pen and paper might be more useful from time to time. Writing allows you to help commit information to memory, and you can also use tools such as mind mapping and making visual study aids.

Wondering how you can possibly fit all the above into a single bag? Just make sure you have a laptop backpack that can fit your laptop size, and that has waterproof, padded, and separated compartments for everything from cables to water bottles. If you don’t already have one, you can kickstart your search at The Smart Backpack. We have a wide variety of different sizes and colours ready for your exact needs.

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