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Solar Backpack

Taking a break from technology and communing with nature? That’s totally a nice way to spend your weekend. But, admit it, you’re still going to bring your smartphone, speaker, and, of course, your camera. This means that you need to charge batteries on top of the mountains. Take Solar Backpack with you. It comes with a solar pack that you can place at the back of your backpack while you climb up. Let it soak up the solar energy so you’ll have enough charge come nighttime. The energy will be stored in its built-in 2,000 mAh waterproof Li-Polymer battery pack. The backpack also comes with LED chips, which you can use as emergency light signals or just your source of light in the middle...

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Being a modern student requires you to be online all the time, and having a laptop is essential for researching, taking notes, submitting work, and keeping in touch with classmates and lecturers. When you’re facing long hours on campus with only your backpack for company, be sure that it’s stocked with the following student essentials so you’re never unprepared. Non-perishable snacks – sometimes hunger strikes while you’re in class or when you can’t buy food, of if you’re already stuck on campus and realise that you’ve forgotten your lunch at home. Keeping staples like dried fruit and nuts means that you’ll always have fuel on hand, and you won’t need to worry about it getting crushed. Hydration is also important,...

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Do you enjoy being one of the first people to try new tech? If so, then you probably stay connected to social media pages and blogs centred around technology and innovation. Every year, a list of hot new products starts to circulate, giving you a pretty good indicator of what items will be flying off the shelves in a few months’ time, andat the top of the list for 2018 you’llundoubtedly find the Smart Backpack. These days, the average Australian has at least one smart device on them at all times. If you’re a student, travel often, or are a business person, you’ll probably have more. Between smartphones, headphones, fitness devices, Bluetooth speakers, tablets, smart watches, and eBook readers –...

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Make your life perfect

Change The Way You Go Out With Your Belongings! SecureTech™, the Anti-Theft Laptop Travel / School Backpack with USB Charging Port can change the way you Go out with your belongings! It has an external built-in USB that offers convenient charging for your electronic devices anywhere. It also features an anti-theft design with hidden zippers and layers of cut-resistant 600D polyester, protecting your valuables from theft. Pickpockets will even find it difficult to slice through the backpack with a penknife. In addition, the backpack is water-resistant so you no longer have to worry about splashes. Finally, its 6mm anti-shock foam makes it shockproof, protecting your valuable laptop or electronic devices from damage.  It has more than 10 compartments that offers segregated storage for your laptop, tablet, passport, pens, notebooks, keys, wallets, watches,...

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The Smart Backpack

What is a Smart Backpack ?  Smart backpacks are like your ordinary backpacks, but only more techie. They can charge your devices, play your favorite tunes, and more. In short, they were made to adapt the lifestyle of the modern man.   Why You Need It Smart backpacks combine everything that you need on the road, whether you’re just hitting the gym or traveling to another country for leisure. Having one brings you convenience and gives you peace of mind. They usually have varying features, depending on the manufacturers. .  

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